Visual Program Donations

Dear Fellow Elks,Endicott

The Oregon State Elks provide Oregon’s children with the facilities for the best pediatric eye care in the region, possibly the nation. Thanks to your continued generosity, we now provide over 18,000 patient visits per year at the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic.
With Elks Support, the vision screening program has screened over 5,000 preschool children this year. Elks from every district of the state volunteered to assist with community health fairs and Head Start screenings.

Your state project is truly one to be proud of. The daily miracles that occur at the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic would not be possible without thousands of donors and volunteers who give time, money, talent and love. I hope you’ll join me and your fellow Elks in supporting our major project.

You may donate online using the “Donate” button above, or by writing a check payable to the “OSEA Visual Program” and mailing it to: Oregon State Elks Association, 3295 Triangle Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97302. While we won’t be sending out individual thank you letters, please accept in advance our sincere thanks and appreciation of your thoughtful gift.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season,

Gerald Endicott

President, Oregon State Elks Association

Dear Oregon Elks,

In late 2006 while our son Garrett was in preschool, we noticed an issue with his left eye. Dr. Karr was highly recommended to us by our family optometrist. That winter of 2007 is where our journey with Dr. Karr began.

After a few years of many miles, glasses, bifocals, patching, and numerous long conversations with Dr. Karr, we decided that eye surgery would be the best method to help align Garrett’s eye issue. We never had a doubt that Dr. Karr could and would take care of our son’s vision. Dr. Karr was always very thoughtful in his explanation of what Garrett’s issue was, what alternatives we had to correct it, and eventually how surgery would work. Garrett had the surgery in June of 2009 at the age of seven.

Since then we have traveled to Portland every September to visit Dr. Karr at the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic for Garrett’s yearly exam. We have gotten to personally know the wonderful people that work so diligently to make us and our son feel comfortable and welcomed. We look forward to our September visits with Dr. Karr and his staff, and enjoy bringing our show of our appreciation to them by hand-delivering fresh watermelons and cantaloupes from our farm in Hermiston, Oregon.

The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, Dr. Karr, and his staff have been a blessing not only for us but for the many other families that we see on our yearly visits.

All the Best,

Karie Walchli